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What awesome people that use these walls think

“The best part about these walls are the sharp/fine details and edges. At this scale they look clean, not clunky, like typical toy playsets. You guys did a great job for a generation one product.” “A worthy investment for any 6” collector”



“A must get” “These are so awesome!” “These are so dope….even for just collectors that don’t take pics but display.”



“They really are one of the best things to come along for 1:12 star wars figure collectors, maybe ever!” “… absolutely love them!” “Just limited to your imagination, as you can create halls, corners and all kinds of different configurations.” “I just can’t wait to see what’s yet to come…I’m really glad I got on board with theses”

Eric Isner

“These diodama/prop pieces are AMAZING! Wether you're a toy photographer and you need something accurate and immersive to shoot your figures in, or you just want a really nice shelf display for your figures to stand with, these things are the bomb! I plan to order more, and I CANT WAIT for the rest of the series! Hurry up with that blast door section!!! grin emoticon”

Mike Friesen

“Fantastic! Literally just finished my first photoshoot with them, and I cannot believe the awesomeness!”

David Sword

“Dear lord. These. Are. Spectacular!!!! I want more! MORE I say! I can't wait till we can buy individual panels. I can't wait for blast doors. I hope they make Millennium Falcon corridor interiors, Cloud City, Corruscant, the possibilities are endless! Well Done guys. You have a customer for life!”

Ted Biaselli

“great service, fast shipping, quality made product,well worth the coin.”

Rick Pruitt

“I was so hyped for this set and everything is as described. Looking forward to many more awesome products from John and Mike!!”

Rob L. Crame

“They are absolutely awesome. The quality is top notch. You’ll be impressed with them. They’re worth it. Your stuff is amazing”

Michael Cooper

“Product is so amazing”

Matthew Cohen

“Best walls on the market, Bring forth the Blast doors”

Daniel Garcia

“Just got my SPACEWALLS…HOLY COW!! What an amazing and well produced product. Leaves me wanting more..MUCH more”

Danny Richani

“I absolutely love your products guys!! I look forward to future releases”



“These came perfectly packaged and make the perfect backdrop for my Black Series figures. My daughter does make fun of me, playing with Daddy's Toys in the corner of our basement, but you know she's just jealous. (Note to self: buy some smaller Spacewalls for her Star Wars figures if/when they become available).”

Paul Murphy

“I absolutely love what you folks are doing! Truly a collectors dream come true!”

Max O. Miller


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T:  801-810-6045